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Time: An Embarrassing Website I Made in College Has Followed Me for a Decade. Here’s How I Finally Erased It From My Google Search Results

Journalist Kaitlin Mulhere chronicles her attempts to remove an embarrassing website from her past, with advice from ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta. Read More >

Can your issuer close your card based on your reputation?

In this article at CreditCards.com, John Egan interviews ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta about the potential for your online reputation to affect your access to credit. Read More >

Forbes: Stop Worrying About The Dark Web

In this article, ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta talks about threats to your online privacy and why services focused on Dark Web monitoring might not be the best way to protect yourself. Read More >

Daily Edge: Vogue Williams said she would ‘pay good money’ to delete a former relationship from the internet

The Daily Edge interviews ReputationDefender’s Tony McChrystal on the steps you can take to remove unflattering information from the Internet. Read More »

Mercury News: Can people ever really erase their digital footprints?

In this article, Levi Sumagaysay interviews ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta about what whistleblowers can do to protect their digital and physical safety before going public with an allegation. Read More >>

Guardian: ‘I felt exposed online’: how to disappear from the internet

The Guardian interviews ReputationDefender managing director Tony McChrystal on what you can do to remove personal information from the Internet. Read More »

ReputationDefender acquired by the Stagwell Group

We’re excited to announce that ReputationDefender has been acquired by the Stagwell Group, a portfolio company focused on providing best-in-class marketing, PR, and online reputation services. We look forward to this highly synergistic partnership and the exciting opportunities it will afford us. Read more in the official press release.

BBC: Can your social media profile kill your job prospects?

Tony McChrystal from ReputationDefender’s UK office was interviewed for this BBC piece on the job implications of ill-advised social media posts. To check out his privacy recommendations, read the full article.

USA Today: He showed up at my house after I ‘met’ him on a dating app.

In this article about the pitfalls of online dating, USA Today columnist Steven Petrow interviews ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta about the best way to protect your privacy when you meet a potential romantic interest online. Read More>>

New York Times: Google Thinks I’m Dead

Journalist Rachel Abrams recently interviewed ReputationDefender CEO Rich Matta about how to handle an issue with her her Google Knowledge Graph, which incorrectly tagged her as deceased. In the article, Matta provides advice on how to resolve the issue and what additional tips she can take to protect her identity online. Read the full article >>