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The business landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. With the rise of social media, businesses are now able to market and promote themselves in new ways across a whole range of mediums: sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can all be used to raise the profile of a business and reach audiences across the globe.

Unfortunately, these new tools can just as easily work against you. Bad press and negativity can flourish if not monitored, with many businesses finding themselves suffering permanent reputational damage as a result.

To get the most out of your social media and protect your company’s reputation, ReputationDefender® recommend all businesses take a proactive approach. By taking on board these basic steps, ReputationDefender® can help you to keep your current customers and find new ones:

Claim all your accounts in your company name

  • Doing this can help prevent cyber-squatting, where squatters set up accounts or websites in the same name as a company or individual to hold it to ransom.
  • As authoritative sites such as Twitter tend to rank higher in search engines, claiming multiple social media sites can help boost your position in search results.
  • Once you’ve claimed your accounts, ensure they are consistent. By creating consistency across all your accounts and websites, customers can clearly identify you. This is particularly important when it comes to reaching existing clients.

Look after your social media profiles

  • Ensuring that all details are accurate and current means that people searching for you or your business will find the right information.
  • Regularly posting quality content and updates shows that you know your industry, earning you followers and potential customers.
  • Answering customer questions and complaints in a timely and courteous manner will help prevent further negative content. By demonstrating great customer service and a proactive approach to problems, you might even win over potential customers and secure a future sale.

Ensure you have social media guidelines in place

  • Brand guidelines are essential for commercial enterprises. Engaging with customers is important but make sure that your brand identity is consistent when it comes to dialogue, content and information about your company and processes.
  • There have been countless instances where a brand has been put at risk because of a thoughtless tweet or an off message post. Mistakes do happen but you can control what happens next. Putting in place a comprehensive crisis plan can help you deal with disasters if they occur.

To learn what ReputationDefender® can do for your online reputation, contact us today.