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Remove embarrassing images and videos from search engines

Innocent images or videos that have been taken on a night out, a party or a fun holiday, can soon find their way online. What started off as an innocent post, can be mired by damaging and malicious content. Maybe a disgruntled ex partner, or jealous associate has recreated a negative meme or photo shopped your original image, what was meant for friends, is now ruining your reputation.

Future employers will search the internet, looking for more information about you, your experience, your past, and this is where it can have a damaging effect. Your images are another media that people will judge you on, and you need to make sure they positively reflect your personality or professionalism

Finding these images, the sites they are linked to, and requesting they be removed does not always solve the problem.

What Is the Effect of a Negative Video or Image?

Your privacy may be destroyed

You could feel vulnerable and distressed

Your relationships may be strained

People could think the worst

Opportunities may be lost

You could be limiting your growth

Be known for the right reasons

We will work with you to create the right kind of images, videos, websites that you should be associated with, that will positively impact what people see when they search for you. Our content will be supported by natural referral traffic, ensuring positive content moves up the search page, and negative content is displaced.

To ensure your personal campaign is a success, and working with search engines to ensure our strategy works with their search algorithm, we will work with you to create supporting content such as press articles, blog posts and personal biographies. All of which strengthen a positive online reputation, helping you put your best foot forward online.

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