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A poor online presence is one of the top 3 reasons businesses fail according to the ONS. Without an online presence, businesses are potentially missing out on the biggest free exposure to a targeted audience; this means losing out on brand recognition and potential leads and sales.

Why online matters?

1: Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google search rankings in the U.S. followed by backlinks.

2: The average consumer mentions brands 90 times/week with family, friends and co-workers.

3: 64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online.

4: The average user spends 21 minutes/week on LinkedIn.

5: 50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media network.


Social media is becoming one of the most popular channels to give your company and brand a personality, whilst enabling customers a quick and easy way to interact with you.

Implementing a good social strategy, can be time consuming and is often underused by businesses, who don’t always have the spare capacity to focus on social media.

If approached in the right manner, social media can pay dividends. Social media has a big presence in many people’s lives and it gives your business;

  • A valuable opportunity to raise awareness
  • Take orders online
  • Build relationships with customers of today and the future
  • A platform to be responsive to queries and be present in current issues and affairs

Your online participation, communication and presence affects SALES, so make it count.

So if after reading the above, your brand still isn’t using social media, it’s time to start considering how not using social media could be hurting your brand in the long run.