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Starting up a business and developing an online presence can be maze. Let our experts guide you on where to start.

Where do you start?


A domain name is the address people will use on the internet to find you. So think of a website name that reflects what you sell, your brand name or your type of service. Do you own your own domain name and associated extensions .com .Net Have you looked what is available and how much it will cost to purchase, host and maintain?

A quick chat with our experts can walk you through the options open to you


A website is vital to any modern business. Even if you sell locally or by word of mouth, your customers are looking for you on the web – if only to check your hours. If you’re not online, we’re pretty certain your competitors are.

What options do I have?

Build yourself – for the more tech savvy free sites are available, drag and drop technology with instructions on how to upload your site to the internet.

Have it built for you – a costly exercise depending on your sector, functionality and what you want it to achieve.

Got a minute? Give us a call and we will recommend which website suits you and your business

Use search engines to drive traffic to your site

A well-built optimised site with fresh, regular and informative content will help rank your site across search engines. Aim to provide this content to other sites if you can, you’ll see more traffic and better search engine rankings.

Top Tip: Always include a link to your site with each bit of information.

Make sure you register your business and your site with business directories online such as Yell and Google to help drive leads to your business

We can advise on how to promote your business online

Looking to create content for your business but don’t know where to start contact us

Establish an expert reputation for yourself

Establish your own reputation as an expert in your field by leveraging the opportunities and tools available to you through social media and your website. Use client testimonials, sector knowledge and thought provoking opinions. Create accounts on all of the major social networks and if possible, secure your real name as well and prevent potential cybersquatting. A great reason to get active on social networks is that Google ranks social networks extremely =high and it’s quite easy to get them to rank on the main page of Google for your name. Another great way for your customers to find you.

I would like help securing all the social platforms in my business name