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When it comes to marketing your brand, business or product, the internet and the power of reputation and peer recommendation now plays a vital role in promoting yourself. Having an online presence might not be enough if it isn’t optimised to help search engines find you.

Reputation optimisation

From landing pages, download guides and self-service portals, to social media platforms. Your customers expect a 1:1 interaction with you, and their experience of dealing with your business will ultimately impact your reputation. If a delivery man is late with a parcel, a helpdesk on a portal is down, or a customer account manager gave poor advice, all of the things can quickly find their way into being published online as feedback.

Ensuring you have a solid foundation for all of your online assets can help keep your 1st page of a search result clean, controlled, and positively reflecting your business or brand. Starting to build a foundation now of search optimised properties, content, influencers and engagement with your audience can stand you in good stead if anything were to go wrong in the future.

Find out how this UK business was confused with a similar US based company who unfortunately amassed poor online reviews from customers

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Online PR

Through a combination of techniques including content marketing, social media, outreach campaigns, press releases and organic search marketing, you can now target your message to your audience in a personalised and tailored manner.

Our digital PR specialists are here to help build your brand and reputation online ensuring your target market knows who you are and value you as industry leaders.

Develop your reputation through standout content

Content creation and placement is a core marketing tactic, and is fundamental in building a foundation for online reputation. Our team of experts advise on creating content across a number of relevant high authority outlets, ranging from blogging through to the creation and distribution of infographics, as well as building, maintaining and strengthening relationships with influencers – bloggers and journalists in a selection of industries via carefully planned and implemented outreach campaigns.

We will work with you to develop a world class content strategy:

  • A well-researched backed content strategy that’s aligned to your brand, business goals and customer needs
  • Content planning, creation and production using in-house teams and partnerships with world-class publishers
  • Campaign execution involving the seeding and sharing of content, and where applicable paid promotion
  • Advice on audience targeting and press & influencer outreach

Monitoring how consumers talk about your brand can provide early warning signs for product or service issues as well as promotion opportunities that can be leveraged. Customers, employers and stakeholders will all have an opinion about you online and it’s vital you know what they are saying, the context of which they are talking in, and where you are the subject of discussion.

We will help you pick the best social monitoring tools for your organisation, to ensure that any mentions of your brand online are reported to you in real-time.

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