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Don’t Let Negative Content Ruin Your Reputation Online

ReputationDefender helps business owners repair their online reputation. We recognise the need to improve and protect what you have worked so hard to create.

Your brand search results are your online shop window; they define what opinion potential customers form of you within seconds. Current clients, associates, prospective business partners, employees and your network are measuring you against what appears online and what they discover can be the difference between losing or winning customers. Don’t let critical articles, misleading blogs and outdated news ruin your reputation.

By creating a framework of relevant content about your business hosted on new and established assets, ReputationDefender will promote material which will limit the coverage and visibility of any harmful information.



  • Small scale issue, 1 negative entry on Google page
  • Negative material, blogs, forums, social media
  • Low authority site occupying search term



  • 2 negative entries on Google page 1
  • Negative material, regional or market specific news source
  • Medium authority sites occupying search term



  • 3-4 negative entries on Google page 1
  • Negative material, national news or media coverage
  • High authority sites occupying search term


Bespoke quote

  • Severe issue, multiple negatives on Google page 1
  • Negative material, international coverage
  • Targeted online attack or ongoing issues

12 month discounts available upon enquiry

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We Will Work with You To

Identify threats and conduct analysis of the search results

Ongoing assessment, re-evaluation and modification based on the most current learning

Build a custom technological framework for the intervention

Support interventions by suggesting edits to client-owned websites

Begin promoting positive sites, targeting a range of search factors

Using current search engine optimisation techniques and strategies

Call us now to see how we can help
0800 131 0700

Key Benefits of Search Result Remediation

Keyword Research Push up positive material and suppress negative articles and sites   Offsite-SEO Clear page 1 search results of negative articles and sites
Keyword Research Help generate referral traffic to positive sites   Keyword Research Protect future reputation by solidifying positive items
Keyword Research Implement a positive online presence   Keyword Research Protection of your legacy from unwanted attention