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There are an ever increasing number of sites that businesses should monitor to ensure that they are able to mitigate unfair criticism or negative content. With such a large task, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

One employment site which has risen to prominence over the past 9 years is Glassdoor. Set up to help jobseekers find companies and jobs that appeal to them, Glassdoor enables previous or current employees to rate companies. Users can also find out details about interview processes and pay as well as other pros and cons of working for various companies.

While the site is very useful, the potential for damage to a company’s reputation is massive. Negative reviews featured on Glassdoor can put off customers as well as skilled potential employees, discouraging them from proceeding with an application.

At ReputationDefender® we recommend taking a proactive approach to show the true face of your business.  Ensuring that you have an employer account is an essential step, as is engaging your employees to generate positivity about your company online. The last approach in particular can help in a number of ways; through crafting a fair social media policy or asking for Glassdoor reviews from high performing employees, you can help improve your online profile and promote positivity.

Even if you are unable to have an impact on your Glassdoor reviews, by establishing positive content and reviews across other social media sites, it’s much less likely that any negative content will be seen. ReputationDefender® can create a strong social media presence for your business, so you are well positioned to defend yourself from unfair or inaccurate criticism.
ReputationDefender® have helped over a million clients, both individuals and businesses, to build a strong online presence. We specialise in fixing problems before and after they occur: contact us to find out more.