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Online Reputation Can Threaten a Family Legacy

The higher your profile the more important online reputation management becomes. When it comes to Online Reputation Management, many wealthy individuals know that negative search engine results can hurt their brand, but they may not be aware of the importance of maintaining a positive online presence for a family legacy. A business bearing a well-known family name carries an even higher risk, since any damaging information published online will have personal as well as professional consequences.

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Most companies will face negative publicity

It’s not enough to have neutral search engine results. At ReputationDefender we recently collected some information from Campden Wealth members about their experiences online. More than three quarters (78%) agreed that their company was ‘sometimes’ the focus of online media attention on a ‘monthly’ to ‘weekly’ basis. Meanwhile close to one third (32%) had already encountered a reputation-related crisis that required significant management.

Any recognised brand that is often in the news becomes a target for various types of online attacks. This can include brand high-jacking through ‘impersonation’ as well as competitors trying to threaten the brand by exposing damaging information. An established brand that bears a family name can be even easier to attack since many family members may be unaware that their personal social media interaction reflects back on the company’s reputation. It’s safe to assume that most brands will face an online reputation threat at some point. The question is not if, but when.

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Proactive solutions

A proactive ORM campaign put in place before a threat manifests is much more effective than trying to fix a reputation after the fact. Taking action before there is a problem can make it harder for someone to damage a brand’s reputation. One way to accomplish this is through a strong base of positive content that will stop negative results from becoming prominent on a search page. If family members understand the risks, they can also take precautions on their personal social media pages and make it harder for an attacker to find damaging information that is credible. Meanwhile, taking ownership of the brand’s domain name will help to prevent others from claiming false association with the company.

At ReputationDefender, we assist clients with all types of reputation management, both proactive and reactive. Taking a calculated, professional approach to ORM before it becomes an issue for your brand will be a valuable, long-term investment. Money that is lost through falling stock prices and lack of trust can lead to years of diminished growth, and may even start a downward spiral of losses. It’s not an accident that eighty-seven percent of CEOs are more concerned about the risk associated with reputation than other strategic risks. With the internet as a megaphone, a negative reputation can represent a real threat to the company. For more details and solutions, download our reputation impact whitepaper here.

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