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New Facebook Function Helps Users Find Professionals Nearby

With over 50 million business pages registered within the Social Networking giant, it’s surprising it has taken Facebook this long to enhance how businesses present their services in front of the 1.5 billion users . However, this handy new Facebook function enables customers to quickly and easily search a professional that is located near them.

What does this new Facebook function do?

This new Facebook function categorises businesses by service type, from estate agents to plumbers to hairdressers, so finding a list of local service providers is easy for the desktop user. Although competing with Yelp consumers don’t have to switch browsers to find you, they can be logged into Facebook and easily search.

The results page  displays businesses’ contact information, business hours and a map for directions; however Facebook’s main objective with this new feature is to assist a user to, in their own words, “Find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings “.

The future development of this service will be significant for any business looking to use Facebook as part of its online strategy.

Facebook Professional services

The experts at ReputationDefender have devised these 5 top tips to ensure your business is found in the new Facebook professional services search: 

1. Make sure you have a Facebook business page

Best place to start…

2. Current and correct?

Make sure all of your details, including who you are, where you are, how people can contact you are all up to date. Links to your website, and social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram all help.

3. Request reviews as part of your customer service

Whether you deal with customers in person, over the phone or online, ask them to leave a review. Sending out a post-sale email is an ideal opportunity to ask. Provide links to make it easier for the customer to leave you a review on your Facebook page.

4. Use your communications to offer reminders

You can use passive tools in your place of business to increase reviews. For example, try a sign that says “Please review us” placed near the exit. Put links to review sites on your website. Customers that are reminded of your request are more likely to actually write a review.

5. Make sure you respond to the review publicly

Show you are engaged with your customers, thank them for the review.  If the customer has left a review that requires some discussion due to problems, thank them and ask to speak to them offline – it’s more personal. For those that loved your service ask them to recommend you, or sign them up to a loyalty programme if you have one.

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