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Reputation has always been a cornerstone for any successful family office. In the past it was largely reliant on word-of-mouth, partner relations and professional networks. In today’s digital age, these have been replaced with blogs, social media and online press coverage. A longstanding positive family office reputation is only a click away from being tarnished and the audience is instant and global.

A major focus of the ReputationDefender team is acting for ultra-high-net-worth families and family offices. Increasingly, our team is called upon to sit alongside owners or principals of family enterprises to guide and assist them in addressing all the reputational issues that they and their family face. Family offices experience unique reputational challenges that need bespoke solutions, which ReputationDefender has experience in providing.

What Is the Effect of a Negative Online Reputation?

Shareholders may lose confidence

Financial opportunities could be lost

Negative media portrayal

The media bandwagon can devastate

Key organisations may avoid affiliation

A negative reputation filters down

ReputationDefender can restore your family’s reputation online

Providing you with a first-class service, we are experienced in dealing with global family offices on both a personal and a business level. Our services will achieve the best possible results, restoring your reputation and protecting it in the future.

Although it might be tempting to stay out of the search engines altogether, the last thing your investors and partners want is to see no results for your name and position. The ReputationDefender team will work with you to curate a proactive strategy, protecting you from future negative articles and the devastating impact they can have.

Our clients are responsible for managing the fortunes and reputations of their businesses, their families and themselves. These are not tasks that can be tackled alone.