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Misleading or inaccurate content has the potential to cause lasting damage to your personal and professional profile. Outdated newspaper articles, unfair posts on forums and embarrassing photos can all spread rapidly unless dealt with promptly.

What should I do if this happens to me?

Many people’s first reaction is to request removal of content directly. However, removing content from external sites is notoriously problematic. Attempts to censor content can draw more attention to the information, a phenomenon known as the Streisand effect. Named after the American entertainer’s ill-fated attempt at removing photos of her Malibu home from the internet, the Streisand case generated extensive publicity and the images subsequently went viral.

When it comes to removing search results, many often turn to the Right to be Forgotten. While it is possible to file a removal request under this European ruling, this approach does have a very low success rate. Since its launch in 2014, Google have only accepted around 40% of requests.

How can ReputationDefender® help?

Where removal isn’t the best solution, ReputationDefender® step in. We can help suppress misleading results by promoting other positive content and displacing negative search results. With page 1 of Google claiming 92% of search traffic, the chances are that whatever appears on page 2 will go unseen.

ReputationDefender® can also help with removal of personal information. With our ExecutivePrivacy package, we will scour the internet to find out where your personal data is exposed and help you remove it so that it’s hidden from prying eyes. Details such as phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth can be removed, using both manual and automated techniques.

Whatever the issue, schedule your free consultation today and let us help find the right solution for you.