Protect Your Family and Their Online Privacy

Can you say for sure that you know exactly what your children are viewing online and that their online privacy is protected? The chances are they know more about how to navigate the Internet than you and may even be browsing privately or deleting their history, cookies and caches.
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Online Reputation Can Threaten a Family Legacy

The higher your profile the more important online reputation management becomes. When it comes to Online Reputation Management, many wealthy individuals know that negative search engine results can hurt their brand, but they may not be aware of the importance of maintaining a positive online presence for a family legacy. A business bearing a well-known family name carries an even higher risk, since any damaging information published online will have personal as well as professional consequences.
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How to Protect Your Personal Information Online

Even if you’ve never bought anything over the net, shared a social media post or signed up for an online newsletter your personal information is out there on the Internet. What’s more, information about you is changing hands behind your back without your knowledge or consent.
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Is Social Media Sabotaging Your Online Reputation?

As a new generation of bright-eyed freshers head off to university, many might already be carrying with them something that could harm future career prospects – or may even have put their course admission at risk before they even set foot on campus. Increasing numbers of organisations are looking deeper than applicants’ academic or professional qualifications to decide who gets accepted and who doesn’t.
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Personal Privacy: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe Online

Recently communications provider TalkTalk came forward to admit a cyber attack on its website could have led to the theft of private data from it’s UK customer base. The company’s website and computer systems have been compromised three times in just eight months, putting the personal details of up to four million UK customers at risk. The data in question hadn’t been encrypted, arguably not a legal requirement, but one could argue TalkTalk’s data ethics would have led them to encrypt client data, safeguarding against further cyber attack.
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