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Growing a business can be a challenge, whether you’re expanding an existing company or building one from the ground up. Developing a strong digital presence is one major hurdle that all enterprises need to overcome.

Being visible online improves a business’s credibility by increasing customer awareness and trust. If a potential customer can’t find anything about your business online, they may very well pass you by and choose a more prominent competitor instead.

Even if you do have a website you may be surprised to learn that, on average, page 1 results claim well over 90% of all search traffic. If your site doesn’t make it onto the front page of Google, it’s very probable that it will go unnoticed by customers.

To make sure that your front page showcases the best of your business, it is essential that you act proactively and secure your brand’s place online at the first available opportunity.

  • Claim your domains

As well as ensuring your company can be found in search engines, building a strong online brand reduces the chances of falling victim to a reputation crisis. By claiming your domains you are keeping control of your brand identity, pushing down unfair, inaccurate or misleading content.

Social media domains like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter should be included in the roundup, but it’s recommended you look beyond the obvious three.

  • Promote those domains

Once you have all these domains make sure you put them to good use! Drive traffic to your main website by embedding links on your social media accounts. This means that however customers find out about you, they’ll be able to see your official website.

  • Create custom content

It is essential to regularly post interesting, relevant and optimised content to your social media accounts and blogs. Doing this will boost your credibility, engage your customers and potentially win you new ones.

  • Safeguard your reputation

Putting in place social media best practice guides and crisis plans can be invaluable in preventing and rectifying PR disasters!

Stay up to date with what is being said about you, your employees and your brand on external sites. Too many people forget to monitor their own online profile until it is too late and negative press begins to dominate. Proactively monitoring your online reputation will give you time to organise an appropriate strategy or response should a crisis occur.

  • Ask the experts

To achieve the best results, professionals utilise multiple techniques to manage their clients’ online presence. ReputationDefender® have been managing online reputations for over 10 years; our expertise can set any business on the right track, even before their reputation has become an urgent issue.

ReputationDefender® offer a range of services which can establish new and existing businesses online. Kickstarter and Enhancer packages are specifically tailored to create a solid online presence, proactively reducing reputational risk. Speak to a ReputationDefender® representative today to discuss your business’s needs and find out which option is best for you.